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About us


Cake baking and decorating has been a hobby, as accidental hobby of mine for many years. 


A lot of the people I meet ask about how I got into making cakes and what made me decide to start a cake business. There are a lot of layers to my reasons, but my main inspiration was my daughter. 

When my daughter was born I knew that she'd be going to daycare at 6 weeks old, and that I'd be lucky to only work 40-50 hours a week. As a single parent, that is what you do to take care of business.

I told myself that if I couldn't stay at home with her, I would at least do as much SUPERMOM stuff that I could. To me, that included making all of her cakes from scratch. All of my family and friends can attest that my baking a decorating skills have come a long way in the past 10 years. My frosting, which is amazing now, used to fluctuate between a soupy glaze and being so thick that you needed a knife to cut the frosting by itself. 


After leaving the corporate world of Accounting behind on 2013, I decided to turn my hobby into my career. The Universe threw a few curveballs my way that took me off the path of Cupcake Queen for a bit. I'd played Roller Derby for several years prior to meeting my hubby and moving to Greenville in 2011. I miss playing SO MUCH!!!! It is a contact sport and I wound up with several herniated discs in my neck that had to be repaired in 2013, shortly after recovering from surgery we were blessed to be pregnant with our son Connor. He was born in April 2014 and by August I had gotten my baking boots back on and haven't stopped baking or frosting the world since!!!



Betsy, The Cupcake Truck


Many people have asked me how we came to have a Cupcake Truck.... I choose to think it was destiny. 


Speckled Cakes had just finished our 2nd year in business and I was struggling with how to keep growing. I loved going to festivals and markets, but felt like there had to be another way to share the frosting and cupcake love with the world. A local florist had found Betsy in South Texas and brought her to Greenville. After taking the truck to a few events she decided that her business needed to grow in a different direction and put Betsy up for sale. I happend to get an email about the truck and immediately contacted the owner.....the rest is history. 


Speaking of history, here is Betsy's.....

Born in 1974 as an everyday Step Van, quickly converted to an Ice Cream truck. Betsy spent many days cheering up children and making people smile. Betsy still has the original Speaker System that plays music. About 12 years ago a florist in Southern California acquired Betsy, wrapped her in Flowers and named her The Flower Truck. Betsy spent several years in Cali and wandered into Texas until she wandered her way to South Carolina. Betsy became The Cupcake Truck and the star of Speckled Cakes in October 2016. 

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